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Photo© Juri Semjonow    Peeling potatoes with potato peeler.

Avoid clogs and backups with these tips:

– Run cold water for ten seconds before and after using a garbage disposal to help carry waste down the drain.

– Crush ice cubes to clean and sharpen disposal blades.

– Use citrus fruits to break down built-up gunk inside of a garbage disposal and
cut down bad odors.

– Flush with biodegradable dish soap or disposal fluid to flush out grease.

Don’t put in:

– Coffee Grounds, The thick dense paste clogs the drain. Compost instead.

– Grease. Grease solidifies as it cools and sits on the bottom of the disposal unit or sticks to the pipes on the way to the sewer. Bag and trash instead.

– Eggshells. The membrane on the inside of the shells wraps around the blades creating a sticky blockage.

– Onion Skins. Onion skins also have a skin membrane on the inside of the skin.

– Potato Peels. Potato peels can be thin enough to slip through the blades without being minced finely causing a barrier in a sink trap which could lead to a clog.

– Hard Foods. Bones, nuts, pits, and other hard food scraps are too tough for disposal blades to cut through causing jams or blade damage.

– Dry Expandable Foods like pasta, oats, and rice continue to expand in a sink’s plumbing system, leading to an eventual clog.